Sunday, September 11, 2011

My week 9/4 to 9/10

Sunday-Last night was nice at Dad & Mom Anniversary dinner. Because there wasn't any kids under 12 there but Owen. Because Stori have Owen milk 24/7 LOL We could talk about anything last night. We laugh last night too.

Monday-It Labor Day. I was taking trash bags outside. It was cold outside. I guess I will start wearing blue jeans Tomorrow. I change my weekly blog name from to on Saturday night.

Tuesday-I didn't sleep good last night. I didn't feel good at work. I didn't feel good all day. I haven't been in Clay Aiken cat room since Sunday. Because I want to get in to bed before 11PM.

Wednesday-I didn't sleep good last night again. I feel ok. I feel funnyToday. 

Thursday-I went in my computer room at 4:55AM. The Internet light was off. I turn off the Internet  box and back on the light stay off. So I call the number the lady gave me a month ago. The lady test my box. The Internet light come on but it is red. The lady said they was working on the lines. The internet will be back on at 6PM. I said 6PM. The lady said no I mean 6AM. So 1 min before I walk out the door for work. the Internet was on. Clay Aiken wrote on The National Inclusion Projcet Web Site. This is what Clay wrote: To due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict with a network. television show, I am unfortunately not able to host you on the original date. So to avoid diappointment the Gala has been resheduled for December 9 to 10 2011.

Friday-I wake up at 4:08AM. So I got on the internet and pay my phone bill. On Reality Blurred web site have Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice seem likely. Because Clay had to rescheduled the Gala  from October 21, 22 to December 9, 10 . Last night I got the Indiana (IU) College Basketball 2011-2012 schedule. Indiana (IU) vs NC State in Raleigh on 11/30. No one could get on Clay Aiken Fan Club for about 30 mins tonight.

Saturday-I fell to sleep in the living room last night. I wake up at 5:28AM. I got on the Internet for about 30 mins. Then went in the bathroom to take a shower. When I got in the bathtub I saw the water was brown. It was my cold water that was brow, I got out of the bathtub turn on the bathroom sink cold water. I had the bathroom sink and the bathtub cold water on at the same time for the brown water to turn clear again. It took about 5 mins. But it feel like an hour. I start claeaning my bedroom at 6:30AM.


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  1. Glad you had a nice time at your parent's anniversary party.

    Internet servers have a way of being down when you want to use it .... what a pain in the butt!

    Perhaps the water was shut off for a while when you didn't realize it because that sometimes causes the water to be brown. Not nice as you feel like you're taking a shower in muddy water!!!

    Hope you are feeling well this week. Don't work too hard.

    Carole : )