Sunday, October 9, 2011

My week 10/2 to 10/8

Sunday-It was 35 outside when I got up for the day. I got LannahSawers-Diggins from Western Australia pen pal letter done. Will take it to the post office Tomorrow. Had Home Style Beef Golash from Schwan's for dinner. It wasn't that good.

Monday-Lannah Sawer-Diggins letter cost me $0.98. I didn't get any pen pal letters Today. I post and blog about Stori Facebook page (Helping Raise Funds for Families Adopting) at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I what to thank Suereu for click Like on Stori Facebook page I only mop the Kitchen floor. Because after lunch I check on how to renew my driver licence online. I saw I have restriction they are A Glasses,or Contact and D Automatic transmission. I can't renew online. I order Girl Life magazine for Livia. Stori ok it.

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laundry at work. I got done at 12:45PM. I I order it from her Girl Scout group on Facebook. It was 70 outside and 70 in my trailer at 12:50PM.

Wednesday- I need to talk to Trisanna about if I could put my washer on my taxes if I donate it. I got a Birthday card from Mom and Dad in the mail.

Thursday-I was thinking in my bed last night.. Mom call when I was at work. She ask if I want a cookout. I ask Stori if she could do it on Sunday. Stori Yes with the 3 boys. Because Jamey, Livia and Parker going to the Indianapolis Colts football game on Sunday. I call mom I said the cookout on Sunday. Mom said go out on Saturday. Stoti can't make it on Saturday. Stori said Friday. I said NO  to Friday because of the Live Video chat. Mom said she had to talk to Carol about it. Because mom told Carol she cancel everything about my Birthday. Before I call Mom.

Friday-I told everyone at 11:30AM on Facebook that I was turning off my home phone and Cell phone at 8 or 8:15PM Because of Clay Aiken Live Video chat at 8:30PM. Mom never call about the cookout. Clay anwser one of my question in the live chat. Clay spelled my ID name out too.

Saturday-I did laundry Today. I hang my laundry out Today because it 84 Today. I'm coming down from a high from last night. Mom never call about Tomorrow. I guess Mom did Cancel everything about my Birthday.


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