Sunday, October 16, 2011

My week of 10/9 to 10/15

Sunday-It my 46 Birthday. Stori readed my weekly blog and comment on it on Facebook. She told me that we was having a cookout at 12 and eat at 1 . Stori ask what I want for my Birthday and said she was a bad niece. I told Stori I wish we could go to the Gala. I told Stori I wouldn't make her go. Because I told Stori in 2008 I wouldn't let her to Clay's concerts anymore. Stori told me she was talking to Livia about what to get me for my Birthday. Livia told Stori Clay Aiken tickets for a concert. I want to Thank Carole Hart and Angie Gincel for donating to my Birthday wish. My Dad give me a $20.00 check for National Inclusion Project.. Because he didn't know how to do it on Facebook. By 9:30PM I had 69 Birthday wishing from on Facebook.

Monday-I was going to pay my Frontier phone bill online. But they have a new web site for online bill paying and it not up. So I pay it on the phone and cost me $3.50 more. I use my mulching mover  to mulch my grass. Peoples was going to the mailbox Today.

Tuesday-Went to the bank after work . I check Frontier web site. I call them for my account number and pin number. The lady said the web site be up by the 14th.

Wednesday- I fall to sleep watching Y&;R. Because I didn't get a nap Today.

Thursday-The power went out for about an hour. I call Town of Paoli. But they didn't answer. So I drove up to the office to see what happen with the power.

Friday-Crazy day

Saturday-I put laundry away. I was thinking Clay Aiken dog Raleigh Aiken Birthday was Yesterday. That what Clay said in the Live Chat last Friday night. So I post and blog about Raleigh Birthday at the Fan Club. I only waterpk when I went to bed at 3AM.


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  1. Deborah,

    Hope you had a very special birthday last Sunday! I'm sure the National Inclusion Project appreciates your annual birthday donation.

    Looking forward to the next video chat with Clay. Hope you gather some great questions!

    Have an awesome week!