Sunday, June 3, 2012

My week 5/27 to 6/2

Sunday-I wash towels Today. clean some of the towels. I turn off my alarm so I don't wake at 4:30AM Tomorrow.

Monday-It Memorial Day. I got 3 pen pal letter done for 3 new pen pal letters and got 2 other ladys just need Friendship books.

Tuesday-I had 21 green rag . So I had both clothes racks up. I received a letter from National Inclusion . I may post it here later Today.

Wednesday-Stori 36 Today. Dad and I took took my car to Babcock. So got the recall got fix. It took about 50 mins. to fix it. I received the the rechargeable battery for Dad neuton Mower.

Thursday-. Carol come to get my clothes for Michael and Trisanna Wedding.

Friday-. After Mary and I had lunch Mary call about an hour later. 

Saturday- Wedding Day Trisanna will be my niece by 3PM. They start taking pictures at 1PM. The wedding was at 2:30PM. Dad marry them. Christy and Tom didn't come for it. The wedding was for the family. The BIG party is on July.


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