Sunday, June 24, 2012

My week of 6/17 to 6/23

Sunday-It Father Day. Why every Sunday. I don't feel like do anything. There was no show on tv Tonight. But sister Wives. It was the show I watch Tonight.

Monday-I talk to a person at work about having a blog. She told me. I should be ok If I don't use anyone names or the name of my work. 

Tuesday-I had 8 had load of laundry at work. Sophia send me a message on Facebook to thank me for the Birthday card and $50.00.

Wednesday-Sophia R. Blake is 1 year old Today. I received 2 pen pal letters Today. I only have 1 day for the 4th of July. 

Thursday-Owen C. Sullivan is 1 year old Today. Stori, Ian, Owen and I went to the Wonder Lab in Bloomington, Indiana. Owen had fun and Ian got all his clothes wet and Owen had his 1st milk shake Today. I didn't do my  laundry Today.

Friday-I thought about mowing my grass I did start mowing . But the grass is to dry to mow. I Dad to see if he head anything about my mower. He will call on Monday. I didn't do laundry Today. 

Saturday-I went to Walmart for the month with coupons. I save about $7.00 in coupon. I got a CD player with FM and AM radio. It was working great until 10PM Tonight it wouldn't turn on. So I order the same one from Sears. I didn't laundry again. 


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