Sunday, July 1, 2012

My week 6/24 to 6/30

Sunday-I got my laundry done. But now need to put the laundry away Tomorrow. I went to the nursing home to see my friend. She have a walking cast on right now. She is in a wheelchair. She will go to Bloomington to see her doctor on July 9.

Monday-After work I went to the Bank. I got out of the car at the bank at 10:28AM got back in at 10:38Am. The bank was busy. I was going to pay my gas bill for my trailer.. I was going to give the lady $20.00 for the bill. I look at the bill, I had the Electric bill. I had to go back to my car to get my gas bill. I received over 70's Friendship books from Ranka Vavrina. She from Austria.

Tuesday-I had 8 loads of laundry at work. Because I have to wash the laundry bags now because it been in the 100's. Dad call at 5:15PM. My 18" Mulching Mower is fix we can pick it up.

Wednesday-I got done working at 10:50AM. Dad come at 11:30AM, Mom was in the car. I pay for lunch. I didn't get home until 3:24PM. The mower look new. Because they clean it too.

Thursday-I went at 10:50AM to pass out notes for order out. I gas my car up it cost me $11.66. The high was about 101 Today.

Friday-Order out went ok. I went to Walmart to get stuff to mail Friendship books in, and I forgot it. When I open my NewWave TV cable bill. Some how I forgot to pay it for June. So I paid online Tonight I paid $171.43 for 2 months.

Saturday-I think I have a problem with my A/C in my trailer it will not turn off. I have it on 80. It like 104 outside. I been UNO on Facebook again.


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