Sunday, July 15, 2012

My week 7/8 to 7/14

Sunday-I went home at 4:30PM. The trailer was 83 and the outside temp was 76. I find out that my outside A/C fan wasn't working . So I call Dad. He told me to call Star Tomorrow. I had dinner at 7:30PM.

Monday-After work. I went to my trailer to call Star. The lady told me the guy was on another call. So I told the lady to call my Dad. When  The guy is coming to my Dad will meet him. There was a guy on my roof fixing it.. Because my trailer was 81. I come to Stori's to go in the pool.

Tuesday-I got done working at 8AM. Because the peoples I do 8 to 9 load of laundry. Didn't go to work Yesterday. My A/C is working. I went in the pool this Morning.

Wednesday-I had 9 load of laundry. I got to Stori's at 2:15PM. Toby (the dog) was outside from 5:40AM until 2:15PM. I went in the pool at 7PM for an hour.

Thursday-I went in my trailer at 8:30AM. The air wasn't cold it hot. Dad got it going again. at 10:15AM. By 12 PM the air is hot again.. So I had to call Star again to come to my trailer. Because when Dad got the cold air working. I told Star not to come. Did my laundry and pack my laundry and put it in my car.

Friday-I got done working before 10AM. So I went back to Stori. So at 12:30PM I took some of my stuff back to my trailer and I have air again, then got my paycheck. Christy, Tom and Christopher got to Carol's at 5PM.

Saturday-I got up at 4:30AM took a shower . Wash Stori's bed sheet, put away dishes from the dishwasher. I come home from Stori's at 9AM. Dad, Mom, Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike, Christopher and I went out for lunch. Then we went out to The Wilstem Guest Ranch at 4:30PM. For Michael & Trisanna  party. I got home at 11:35PM.


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  1. Hi Deborah, Finally managed to find your page. You are having a lot of problems with that A/C hope it's fixed this time. Lovely that you and the family got out together for a meal. Have you heard anything more about your friend Sandy.