Sunday, September 9, 2012

My week 9/2 to 9/8

Sunday Rain all weekend..I start writing pen pal letters. Alison Arngrim from the TV show  Little House on the Prairie, been retweet Clay Aiken tweets on twitter. I know Alison is for gay rights.

Monday-It Labor Day . My parent beeen married for 56 years Today. I got 22 pen pal letters. I put 21 letters in my mailbox and will take a letter to the post office Tomorrow. Because the letter going oversea.

Tuesady-I had 6 load of laundry at work. My friend came back to work with a walker. After work I went to the post office.

Wednesday-I had to do what I do on Tuesday Today. Because of Monday. I got home at 12:45PM from work. We had bad storm Tonight.

Thursday-I got 1 load of mops out of the washer,  I put about 8 laundry bags in the washer. It wash ok. Then when the washer was leting the water out. The washer dead on me. I had 2 load of laundy to do but couldn't. My day went down hill from there. Everything went bad.

Friday-I found out the washer didn't dead. The Town power was the problem. Because of the bad storm from Wednesday night. We had bad storm again Tonight. My friend Raynell and I TXT each other doing the storm. She was in a bad storm in Hornersville, MO.

Saturday-I got up for the day. At 7:30AM I went to turn on my computer. I saw my Internet light was red that means it down. I call the support number all day and They didn't know when it will be up again. I know it went down at 3AM. It was down for 11 hours. The whole state of Indiana was out . Paoli Rams High School  win they 3 football game in a row. 3 week age the season start.



  1. Hi Deborah
    looks like you had one of those days we all dread. Murphy's Law was at work and everything that could go wrong did go wrong!
    On Saturday I was trying to make a call and after waiting the required 10 minutes, we had a very short blip in the hydro and my call was gone. It seemed like I had to wait forever the next time. Not impressed.
    Have a good week and take care,

  2. Hi, Deborah , I hope all your storms are over, it's so hard to catch up when things fall behind, but we can't do anything about the weather. Hope next week runs smoother.