Sunday, September 2, 2012

My week 8/26 to 9/1

Sunday-Raynell told me to use twitpic to tweet pictures to Clay Aiken. So Try to do it with the IU picture it work. So I took pictures of my concerts T-shirt and tweet them to Clay. So I will be able to post pictures on twitter like Fcabook.

Monday-I have 15 followers on my weekly Blog. I send a check to Claysoneandonly for NanCA kids. Because NanCApass away in her sleep. Hers kids are in they early 20's no job. But taking classes online. I send my lot rent too. 

Tuesday-I find out Yesterday that my dream house is up for sale again. It on N. Cook St. It $89,00. I would move in to it Today. But I don't have the $$$$$$$$$$$$. A Claymate (ozfan4) think have a attitude problem. That ok because when Ground (Ctrl) told me something. My gut feeling was right about it, it not good . they need to stop putting  me down when. I  say something is not right.

Wednesday-Stori call to see if I would sit with Ian and Owen as she run on the new walking path at the new park. Stori told me Livia had cut her hand open bad.

Thursday-I had 5 load of laundry at work. I found out Today my friend should be back at work on Tuesday.

Friday-Today didn't go good. T start not feeling good after I got home. I forgot to go to my mailbox. The last day of August. Where did Summer to.

Saturday-I order Barry Manilow New Christmas CD last night. I saw Barry CD have 16 songs on it. I didn't feel good all day. I have $88.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. IU football team play the first game of the season Tonight. They win I miss the 2nd ghalf I fall to sleep. I been forget that Christy is out of Town. Because I e-mail her the e-mail I got about Barry Manilow New Christmas CD. I was waiting on her to say something to me but I remember that she is not home.


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  1. I'll look forward to seeing that blanket when you have it finished. I have a lot of Clay shirts but they are so worn .... except for the Spamalot one which I don't know why I bought. It is tucked away in the drawer but I HAD to have a souvenir from Spam. My favourite one is the one from 2004, a baseball shirt, and it is almost worn through. I still wear them all and don't care what anybody thinks.