Sunday, October 28, 2012

My week 10/21 to 10/27

Sunday-It was 34 for the low. The high was 75 Today. Owen is 16 months olds Today. I didn't feel like doing anything Today.
Monday-I send friendship books to a friend in Las Vegas, NV. Went to Moms to get my laundry I had her wash on Friday.

Tuesday-Dad come back with my suitecase. The airport mess up my suitecase. There are blue mark, and other stuff is on it. My suitecase is only a year old.

Wednesday-I found out Today. My friend was The IU Health Bloomington Hospital in Bloomington, IN With a bloodclot. I saw my suitecase have 4 cuts on it.
Thursday-I mow the my grass Today. I took 2 breaks. One for and lunch watch Marie at 12PM. The the other break was to watch The Talk. I got done around 3:15PM.

Friday-I found out that my friend going to be on Seizure meds for 2 years. But we don't know what they will do with the bloom clot in her head.

Saturday-I did laundry for the week. The high for the week was 75 to 8. But Today it was 55 for the high. Paoli had Halloween for the kids Tonight. This was at my door at 5:30PM. Indiana beat Illinois

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I guess the kids are really looking forward to Halloween. I hope the weather is better there than it is here. It has been raining steadily all weekend. Oh I just read back again and see that Paoli has already held Halloween for the kids. If the weather doesn't clear up soon, I don't there will be many kids out around here.
    That is such a good picture of the kids all decked out for Halloween.

    I haven't even bought the Halloween goodies yet because the sooner I buy them, the sooner I eat them.

    I hope your friend is coming along okay in hospital. Are they going to be able to operate to remove the clot? I know some are operable and some are not. Let her know that thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Have a good week and take care,