Sunday, October 14, 2012

My week 10/7 to 10/13

Sunday-Today Clay Aiken answer a Question of my in the live chat last year. Two days before my Birthday. I some of the launday away. Mom call to see if I want them to take me out  for my Birthday. I said no.
Monday-Because of Today Columbus Day. I will not get the laundry That I get every Tuesday at work. I will get on Wednesday. It will be a long day then. My friend fell again but not at home.
Tuesday-It my 47 BirthdayThe lady I work for had cupcakes for me and a card. Stori, Ian and Owen took me out for lunch. We order at Wendy. Then we went to Jay-c park so Owen could run around. I had about 100 Birthday wish on Facebook. The Internet went down before 4pm and haven't come up yet
Wednesday-At 4:48AM I didn't have Internet yet. I found out that my friend had elbow surgery Yesterday. The Internet didn't come up until 4:50pm. So I didn't have the Internet for 25 hours. I tweet Fronter on twitter

Thursday-Frontier tweet me back and told me to email them at I will wait for later to email them. I did only 3 load of my laundry Tonight. Hang the laundy it over clothes rack again save $$$ using the dryer.

Friday-No one heard from my friend at the workshop. Since before her surgery on Tuesday. I comment on Frontier post on Facebook, about my Internet being down for 43 hours in 3 week. Frontier come back and told me to email them at the same email address with my Account number I think I will do it on Sunday.

Saturday-Cleaning my trailer putting laundry away. Stori told me Parker hurt his foot in Football practice. So he can't play Tonight. They had it x-ray and it not broken. IU vs Ohio State Tonight and IU lost 52 to 49


  1. Hi Deborah

    I was having problems getting to your blog again on my PC so i decided to try it on my tablet and it's fine.

    Those are cute pictures of Ian and Owen. I am glad Parker didn't Have a break. Kids are always hurting themselves.

    Happy Birthday a few days late. I know I wished you one in advance so a belated one too will hopefully make up for not getting the day right!!!

    Have a wonderful week and "talk" to you next week.


  2. Very cute picture of Ian and Owen! Have a great week :)