Sunday, October 7, 2012

My week 9/30 t0 10/6

Sunday-I wrote out Morgan Morawski address to mail friendship books to her. She live in Australia.But I didn't get the storage envelope fill of friendship books tonight.  The last day of Septemeber.

Monday-I got the storage envelope fill with friendship book for Morgan before work. I went to the Post Office after work. to mail the envelope to Morgan. It cost me only $1.98 to mail the envelope. A lady wasn't at work Today.

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laudry at work. It rain in the morning. I got a email from Starz about Barry Manilow new Christmas CD. They ship the CD today.

Wednesday-I received my Birthday gift from Christy. I got a $100.00 Walmart card. I email Christy to Thank her and so she know I have received it. I charge the battery up for the neuton cordless electric mower. So I can mow my grass Tomorrow.

Thursday-I had 5 load of laundry at work.. I got my hair cut. Went to the bank and took out $150.00. $50.00 went in my National Inclusion Project jar. $50.00 went to my house jar. $50.00 for myself. Went to Walmart for the week. I mow my grass it took about 2 and half hours with the grass catcher. Dad gave me, my name for Christmas gift.

Friday-I received Barry Manilow new Christmas CD Today. There 16 Songs on it. I received 2 Birthday cards  in the mail Today. It rain Tonight.

Saturday- It got down to 39 for the low last night. I start playing Barry New Christmas CD this morning. I did my laundry for the week. I put everything on Clothes racks in the living room and Kitchen so I don't have to use my dryer. Only thing I put in my dryer is my under wear.

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  1. Hi Debprah,

    Hopefully that is the last time you will have to mow the lawn this year. Now that it is getting colder, the lawn should stop growing until the least I hope it will.

    I am in the midst of doing laundry but have a bird on my shoulder who probably won't appreciate a trip to the laundry room. I'd rather not go there either but there are things that must be done.

    I know your birthday is coming up this week but I can't remember the day. The 8th sort of sticks out in my mind but I don't trust my mind too much these days. LOL Anyhow I want to extend my happiest birthday wishes to you and hope you have a great day.

    It's nice that you have so many penpals. I used to have some many years ago.

    Enjoyed your blog and hope you have a wonderful week.

    Take care,