Sunday, December 2, 2012

My week 11/25 to 12/2/12

Sunday-It been 7 year s ago I went to my first Clay Aiken Christmas Concert.
Here some pictures form Clay Aiken Christmas tour this year. He start the tour  Friday night 11/23.Ask a Facebook friend if I could use this other ones.

Monday-I only had 4 load of laundry in all Today. After work I went to the bank then went to pay gas bill and Electric bill Bill Clay Aiken had a day off from this tour Today.
Tuesday-Frontierturn off the Internet at 11PM last night to work on it. When I got home I had to turn off my Internet box for it to come on. I had only 8 laod of laundy Today.

Wednesday-I didn't received cookies that I order from a frien. I will wait and see if I get the cookies Tomorrow.
Thursday-I paid my State Farm Insurance for my trailer $215.06 online Tonight. I hope my Credit card will take the payment. NO COOKIES. I post a on the friend facebook wall about the cooies.
Friday-The Internet was down at 4:30AM it came back up at 7:45AM. I wake up with my sinus going down my throat . It Clay Aiken 34 Birthday. I post on my friend  Facebook wall Yesterday about the cookies.

Saturday-The Internet was down again again for about 30 mins. I got my banking stuff done for Monday and wrote 2 checks for bills. I have $218.00 in National Inclusion Project jar. I found out my friend delete my post on her wall Today. I can't trust anyone like that. I may not like a person but I wouldn't delete the post off my wall.


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  1. Oh I keep seeing those delicious looking cookies in your blog and I think I could eat a whole plate full of them right now. We stayed up too late with the birds last night and I'm feeling very crummy right now. I am going to my first Clay Christmas Concert this coming week and I can't wait. I've been to all his other tours several times for most but not a Christmas tour yet. There are seven Canadians heading out together in two cars. Should be fun. Now on to your next blog.

    All my best,