Sunday, February 3, 2013

My week 1/27 to 2/2/13

Sunday-I got my banking stuff together and my stuff for the 2 town bills. Indian (IU) win they game by 5 points.
Monday-The Bank was busy. I got the 2 bills in town paid. Clay Aiken was on American Idol 10 year ago Today. Clay made a video on twitter Thanking his fans. I post about Clay on Facebook and I said that my family think I'm crazy for liking Clay. My nephew comment saying not crazy. It Clayzy I post clayzy on twitter so Clay could see it and on Clay Fan Club.

Clay Today

Tuesday-I only had 7 load of laundy at work Today. I 'm in a Tornado Warning Tonight. I order 2 mugs from

Wednesday-I couldn't sleep good last nightbecause of the tornado Warning. Indiana (IU) win with over 30 points Tonight.
Thursday-I'm in a Winter Weather Advisory until 2AM Tomorrow Morning. I'm sick of the snow.
Friday-All Orange County schools are closed today. Because of the cold and snow. The vans at work didn't run Today. So I stayed home. My mugs from Marie Osmond come Today by UPS.

Saturday-I'm in a Winter Weather Advisory until 7AM Sunday Morning. Everything is cover again. I went outside to clean off the sidewalk but didn't start the car. I didn't go get the mail Yeterday or Today.


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