Sunday, February 10, 2013

My week 2/3 to 2/9

Sunday-I clean around the car from the snow. I think I will be walking on Ice to my car Tomorrow.
Monday-I drove on Ice out of the trailer parkat 5:30AM. It start rain around 3:00PM it stop raining around 6PM. I went to get my mail from Friday and Saturday. Indiana college basketball team is #1.

Tuesday-Tom Birthday is Today. I didn't feel like getting my Louisville, KY newspaper or my mail Today. My family friend come to get hers Marie mug Today. There was black ice this morning.
Wednesday-My Internet was out before I went to work for about 10 mins. I call after I got home to see why the Internet was out. The guy didn't know anything.

Thursday-I got a $20.00 money order from a Claymate for a CD. I send a message to the Claymate about the $20.00. She knew it was $20.00. Because I told her I take $2.00 for a CD. It got up to 60 for the high.

Friday-My nephew Michael come to get my W-2 for his wife Trisanna to do my taxes. I received a Valentine Day card from Christy and Tom.

Saturday-I put part of my laundry away. I got 2 brown envelope done for 2 pen pals and got the STEADFAST CD done for the Claymate. I got m order from Bath & Body Works Today


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  1. It sure has been a cold and snowy week. The snow finally stopped here and i hope it stopped there too. Be careful on that ice as you don't need a broken body part along with your other problems. I haven't even been outside but I've had a couple of falls, I have to pay closer attention to what I'm doing. Your little niece Sophia is adorable.

    I missed last week so double my good wishes for you.