Sunday, February 17, 2013

My week 2/10 to 2/ 16

Sunday-I got my Bank stuff together for Tomorrow I put the money order with my bank stuff.
Monday-Went to the bank after work. I found out the check I put in the bank on 1/14/13. I put it in my saving not my checking.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry. The president talk Tonight. The weather man said we should start getting snow shower at 6AM

Wednesday-It start snow shower before 8AM. By 8:30AM I drove over to the othe build, but I drove in gray skys and I couldn't see anything but head lights. By 9AM everything was cover with snow. I went home at 9:30AM. But I had to drive back over to the workshop. Because I forgot my house key at the workshop.
Thursday-It Valentine Day. I didn't get anything for Today. But a card with $10.00 from Christy and Tom last week. The weather man said we will get snow Tomorrow like Wednesday.

Friday-We didn't get any snow Today. I didn't forget my house key at the workshop. It was cold Today. But it got up to 40 for the high.

Saturday-I didn't do anything but work on my pinterest page off and on all day. Indiana beat Purdue again 665-83. Purdure couldn't play.



  1. Hi Deborah,
    It's very irritating when you put money in the wrong accounts, isn't ? I've done that more than once and it makes me so mad. i love watching your president on TV. He is such a goodlooking man and is a real charmer on TV and so is your First Lady. The kids are pretty too.

    I'm glad you've got your basketball to keep you warm over this cold weather.

    That was a nice gift from TOM And Christy and their daughter Sophia is a beautiful little girl.

    Take care and see you soon.



  2. Hi again Deborah,

    Sorry I got my message last week messed up. Tom and Christy have a beautiful little grand daughter. Owen is a cute little guy too. I have to give kudos to Stori as well for travelling over to the Congo again to help the kids out. I laugh every time
    I see your laundry room GIF as it reminds me of how much I have to do.

    Tak care, Deb, see you next wee

    Love, Carol