Sunday, March 3, 2013

My week 2/24 to 3/2

Sunday-Trisanna inbox me at Facebook. About my taxes. So I went right over to Clay Aiken Fan Club. To WHERE WE HANG OUT thread and post how much I would put in my National Inclusion Project jar. from my big tax check.
Monday- This week will be bad with cold, rain and snow. The last 2 days I been in a Barry Manilow crazy been watching his DVD concerts.

Tuesday-I had 8 loads Today. I call Stori to see if she could take me to get a Iphone next Tuesday. She said Yes.

Wednesday-We will order out on March 22. Because March 29 is Good Friend and we don't work on Good Friday.

Thursday-We had snow shower off and on all day. I told Michael his picture will be change to the next Birthday person Tomorrow by 8PM

Friday-Michael Birthday is Today. I change my proflie picture at Facebook and Clay Aiken Fan Club to Ian. But this picture is NOT the same picture


Saturday-I was doing laundry for the week and had my 2nd load in the washer. Stori called to see if I would like to get a Iphone Today. I drove out to Stori's at 10:30AM. Jamey and I went to Verizon store  as Stori and the boys shopping. The lady at Verizon couldn't get my email password for Yahoo to work. So we had lunch and I pay. Stori had to look for shoes for Parker but couldn't. They went to Lowes, then we had to stop at Jamey office. We got to Stori house I try to get my email to come up on Stori's computer  and couldn't. I come home I had no trouble on firefox. But I did change my password I TXT Stori the password and it work. I went back to Stori's. So Stori could download facebook and twitter to my phone.


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  1. Wow you are really doing good with your Inclusion Project Savings.

    Wonder why this is working for me for a change!


    Carole. :-)