Sunday, March 10, 2013

My week 3/3 to 3/9

Sunday-Thank Jamey on Facebook I said: Thank you for talking to the lady on the phone at the Verizon store. I know I can be a DA something. Thank you again for everything.
Monday-I show off my Iphone off. My batteries went down fast in my Iphone Today. I come hone and change it up. I ask about how I need to do stuff Tomorrow. Because I have write down the time when I put a load in the washer when I put it in the dryer.

Tuesday-I only had 8 loads of lundary. I may not have to do the night crew laundry on Tuesdays. But I will not know until get to work on Tuesdays. It start snowing before 4PM

Wednesday-It was Ice and snow outside, but I can walk to the car with no problem. So I got to work ok. All 3 Orange County schools wasn't open. The workshop vans didn't run. There was only 5 disabled persons there. I got my small taxes refund check Today.
Thursday-The roads was great. I got done working at 8:15AM. Went to gas my car up, went to the bank with my refund check the Wal-Mart for the week. We had Ian Birthday Dinner Tonight. Because Stori going to Congo on Saturday Morning.

Friday-I'm following Livia on Iastagram. I could get my paycheck before I went home from work. I didn't have to go back to get my paycheck. I got my oil in my car change Today.

Saturday-Stori went to Congo Morning. She will get to the place she staying at 1AM on Monday. I got my Big refund taxes check Today. I put laundry away at 3AM. Because I fell to sleep in the living room. Went back to sleep at 5AM.


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