Sunday, April 21, 2013

My week 4/14 to 4/ 20

Sunday-I'm in my 18 Journal book. There are pictures of Sophia on Facebook. So I took them so I could use them in my weekly blog.
Monday-Tax Day. Dad called Babcock have the part for the keys and working on it. We should get the car Today. Dad call at 2:30pm the car wasn't done. They found a new problem.

Tuesday-They are making little aprons for kids at wor. I took the very first ones for Sophia. Babcock didn't call. I write my Thank you note from National Inclusion Prject (Jerry Aiken wrote it) in my weekly blog.
Wednesday-I got the apron from work. It was $15.00 for the apron. Babcock call. I gas up Michael truck and got beer for him for using his truck. Then Dad pick me up to get my at 12PM. At 3PM Stori call the ambulance Mom to the Hospital because Mom was in pain and couldn't move. They test her heart at home it was ok. but her BP was low. The Doctor give mom alot of test. The tests didn't show anything. They kept Mom overnight in the hospital to give her fuid and keep an eye on mom heart.

Thursday-I TXT Carol to see about Mom. Carol tod me that Dad was with Mom and she didn't sleep good, because they come in take blood from her. The Doctor let mom go home. They think it could be a virus. Clay Aiken was on Aermican Idol Tonight

Friday-I went to the Post Office to get a box for Sophia apron. Carol TXT to see if I want to go out for dinner Everyone was going but the kidd. We went to Milltown, Indiana to Blue River Cafe. I had Rib eye, bake Potato, broccolito drink wine and water and a peanut butter pie.
Saturday-Did some laundry. Got a letter done for Sophia to put in the box with the apron. Sophia is 22 months Today.


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  1. Sophia is a little darling. I think that little pout just makes her cuter. I'm glad you finally got your car back. It is so inconvenient when you have to get along without it. The little apron for Sophia is very nice and I'll bet she looks adorable in it. Sounds like you've had a pretty good week but then Clay on our TV's always makes it good.

    Take care and have another good week.