Sunday, April 28, 2013

My week 4/21 to 4/27

Sunday-Owen is 22 month old Today. I pack 2 CD's of Clay Aiken for a Claymate. I tape up the box for Sophia. I'm mailing the two boxes Tomorrow.
Monday-Sophia should get the box on Wednesday. I have the tracking number on Sophia box. My Claymate friend frind should get the Cd's on Wednesday too. I mow for the First time this year.

Tuesday-I don't have to do the night crew laundry on Tuesdays anymore. Sophia box was in Fort Wayne. But the mailman had to put a notice in Matthew and Lyndsay mailbox about Sophia box. They have to pick it at the post office.

Wednesday-I got done working at 10:30AM. I got my hair cut at 1PM at The Look. My hair feel good havig it cut.
Thursday-Went to work and my car dead as I was going into parking lot. I had Stori pick me up after she got done in Town at 10AM. So she could take me to Michael'sto pick up his truck to use. At 3PM I took Michael truck back. Dad and I went to Babcock to get a car to use until my is fix.

Friday-Order out went well. I tweet GM last night about my car. They tweet me back this morning for my name and addrress and was going to call Babcock Tomorrow I told them don't to call Babcock. I haven't heard from Babcock Today. But Dad may have.

Saturday-I order Shriley Jones new book. The book will come out in July. I order 2 CD's of Clay Aiken. They are 2 hits CD's of Clay's.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear that your car is acting up again. I hope that GM and Babcock have finally sorted out the problem. It is so hard to get along without a car when you are used to having one.

    I assume that is a picture of Owen at the top. He is so cute. Hard to believe he is that old already.

    You have my favourite pic of Sophia in again. She is so adorable.

    I hope you get your car back soon and have a great week.

    Take care and hugs,