Sunday, April 14, 2013

My week 4/7 to 4/13

Sunday-I don't understand why people think it ok to TXT other when they coming off vacation. I just TXT a person to see if they home yet from they vacation. Because I don't what to send a e-mail to the person if they are not home from they vacation.
Monday-Babcock didn't call. So my car is not done yet. I found out I was right about my bad feeling about Dad, Mom, Carol going to Christy.

Tuesday-There news that a fan of Clay Aiken. Was arrested for trespassing & misdemeanor. Clay was home at the time. It's was the 2nd time the fan did it. She did it on April 3. Dad and I went to babcock to check on my car and give them my cell phone number. They said my car should be done by Thursday.
Wednesday-Dad, Mom and Carol went Fort Wayne. The weather is great in the 50 to 60. I received a invites to the Pis lota Xi Pi Chapter "No-Show Ball" Christy sent the invite.

Thursday-I wait for Babcock to call. They never call. I was thinking I guess I will give a gift of $25.00 to Christy Psi lota Xi Pi Chapter.

Friday-I e-mail Christy how to send my gift of $25.00 to Psi lota xi pi chapter. Babcock can't get the motor in my car. Because when they took the motor out my car thought someone took the car from me. So they had to order something from another state for the thing to start the car and it will get to Babcock on Tuesday. So another week with Michael truck. I own him alot of beer.

Saturday-Dad was by 8:30AM to get my 2nd car key. When I open my Journal I saw I only had 3 pages and then I have full Journal. I started this Journal on 10/17/09. Jeanne Cooper from The Young and the Restless is in the ICU her family and some of the cast of Y&R was by her Hospital bed last night.


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