Sunday, May 19, 2013

My week 5/12 to 5/18

Sunday-It Mother Day.. It cold outside. It was 39 at 5:30AM. I put towels away. I don't understand but I watching TV and Jeanne Cooper come in my mind.
Monday-I went to the Post Office after work. I send 4 envelopes oversea. 1 went to UK 1 to Dermark, 1 to Sweden and 1 to Portugal and mail to Clay Aiken CD's 2 a Claymate from. I mow my grass Today.

Tuesday-I can't go in to work at 5:30AM Tomorrow until 6AM .Because the head will not be there. I didn't get any mail Today. Stori told me that Chad, Ian and Owen had a virus. The high was 82.

Wednesday-I received a letter from National Inclusion Project about they 200 kids campaign. A claymate friend send me $5.00 for a Clay Aiken CD. Stori open they pool.

Thursday-The claymate friend received the 2 Clay Aiken CD's. I send to her on Monday. My I-phone went dead again last night. I received my 2nd check from

Friday-I think a Claymate friend have a problem. I pack a CD of Clay Aiken tonight to mail on Monday. I pack 6 Friendship books Tonight to mail on Monday too.

Saturday-I paid my I-phone bill, paid my newswave TV cable and order Stori Birthday gift at Bath and body works before 7AM. I received 9 Friendship books. I will mail this 9 friendship books on Monday too.



  1. You do keep yourself, don't you. Y & R just isn't the same without Mrs. C. I imagine she'll be on again because their shows are taped a few weeks in advance. It will be a shock to see her.

    Take care and have a great week,



  2. That was supposed to be 'you do keep yourself busy. LOL