Sunday, May 26, 2013

My week 5/ 19 to 5/ 25

Sunday-I got 9 Friendship books pack to mail Tomorrow. Carol and Mike come to give me a ride in Mike car. I did laundary and hang it outside. I turn on my A/C for the year.

Monday-I took 3 brown envelopes to the Post Office. 1 went to a friend with Clay Aiken CD. The other 2 went to 2 ladys they got Friendship books. I learn a lady lie to EVERYONE, she go to one web site tell everyone she they friend. Then go to another Web site and tell another lady she don't like anyone at the other web site., but she go to the web site all the time, so this lady is a BRITCH in my book. Master card was on my home phone when got home from work. They stop my payment from Saturday. Because I never went to the web site beforeand the web site is for Paoli Town newspaper. So I had to call to renew my newspaper. I order 5 sheets of stamps at tonight.

Tuesday-I was feeling good. Because I got home at 11AM. Then Master card was on my home phone agai. I call them, they had to get ok on the stamps. I was so mad. I went to Twitter and Tweet this: I'm piss off at Master card & capital one. Capital One tweet me back and ask for my name and zip code and ask what the problem I ask if they had a facebook page because I need more then 140. They give me they e-mail address.

Wednesday-Paoli School last day was Today. Chad graduation from Kindergarten. So Livia is a 8 grader, Parker is a 6 grader and Chad is a 1st grader now. I received 2 envelopes full of Friendship books. The lady from Capital One call about my problem with my Master card.

Thursday-I call Master card about renew for Clay Aiken Fan Club and it going to Ground (Ctrl) it will happen before June 7 or after. Because what they did to me on Monday.

Friday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I only save $3.00 I got 6 brown envelopes pack with Friendship books to mail on Tuesday at the Post Office. 

Saturday-I did laundry and hang it out Today. It was 43 when I got up for the day. I got 2 envelopes full of Friendship books. I stop posting at a web site since Monday. No one asking about me and it show me. I have NO real friends at the web site.


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  1. It is so irritating dealing with credit card companies on the telephone. Half the time they don't really listen to what you are saying and it takes forever to get your point across.

    That's a cute picture of Chad.

    Have a great week.