Sunday, May 12, 2013

My week 5/5 to 5/11

Sunday-It my cousin Karen Birthday. I kept an eyeon the Internet in cause something happen to Jeanne cooper. Eric Braeden tweet that Jeanne was awake and doing better.
Monday-My friend come back to to the workshop since she fell and broken her elbow. Jeanne Cooper son Corbin post. He said he giving her and God space and time.

Tuesday-Corbin update YandRfans about his Mom. She is on this side and on hereafter side too. I think I know what will happen in June.

Wednesday-Jeanne Cooper from YandR pass away Today. The show will never be the same now. There news on her everywhere online.
Thursday-Mom had me take a picture of flower Christy sent Mom for Mother Day.

Friday-I told my Frirday about Jeanne Cooper. I got 11 persons I can send friendship books too. 4 persons are oversea I will send too.

Saturday-I wrote out all 11 envelopes for the Friendship books. I'm mailing them on Monday. I received $15.00 from a Claymate friend for 2CD's of Clay Aiken. I will send the CD's on Monday too. Stori call at 1PM about having lunch at 12PM Tomorrow. Then at 2PM Stori call again, she can't have lunch Tomorrow because the 3 boys are sick.


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  1. While I only watched the Y & R occasionally, Mrs. C will be sadly missed. My sincere condolences go out to her family, her TV family and all her many many 'fans who felt they knew her personally because of their long relationship. Rest in peace Mrs. C ..... you will be missed.l