Sunday, May 5, 2013

My week 4/28 to 5/4

Sunday-I didn't do anything Today. I didn't clean anything . I just watch TV ad cook dinner. I wish I knew why I can't do anything on Sundays.
Monday-I order another Shirley Jones book. for a Claymate friend. I hope Shirley Jones is good.

Tuesday-Dad and I went to get my car from Babcock. We got told it was a bad part on the phone. Then when we got there we got told a bolt broken. I didn't have to pay for the car again.

Wednesday-Jeanne Copper  from The Young and the Restless was put back in the Hospital. I send a message to my Niece-in-law Lyndsay on Facebook. I told her I would send it to Matt but he never answer me. I ask her if Sophia received the box I sent her last Monday. Lynday send me this: Yes we did! Thank you! It so cute...still working on getting a good picture. I send to you and to post on Facebook! I'll do this real soon and get it in the mail and thank you again. It's adorable. I have $59.00 in my National Inclusion Project.jar. I have $29.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar.

Thursday-Stori call for Ian. Because Ian want to know if I want to go out for lunch. We went to Wendy's. Stori told me the Junoir high kids haveing a morp dance.

Friday-The Morp dance for the junior high kids is Tonight. Stori put picture of Livia on her Facebook page in her dress. I think I can take $250.00 from my checking account.

Saturday-Jeanne Copper son Corbin post on Facebook. That his brother called to tell him. They need to let her go and so she is not in any more pain. It 9:16PM. Y&R fans haven't heard anything about her. It rain off and on all day.


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