Sunday, June 23, 2013

My week 6/16 to 6/22/13

Sunday-I got a paper cut from a business Envelope. I put 3 pen pal letters in my out going mail box Today.
Monday-I got done working at 10:30AM I took 5 brown envelpoes to the Post Office. I received on pen pal letter.

Tuesday-I love getting off from work at 11AM every Tuesday now. I received Friendship books from a lady,who lives in Germany. I will mow my grass on Thursday.

Wednesday-Dad come to look at my car. Because he saw my post on Facebook about the water coming from my car. Dad don't think it will dead on me.
Thursday-It Sophia 2nd Birthday. I received Friendship books I can't wait to mail this Friendship books at Post Office on Monday. I mow my gass Today.

Friday-It Owen 2nd Birthday. I didn't get any Friendship books but PEOPLE & US weekly. I hope I get more Friendship books Tomorrow.

Saturday-NO Friendship books Today again. A lady gave me address on Facebook for Friendship books. I pack 5 brown envelopes with Friendship books for the Post Office. I wish Christy would become the sister she was in June of 2011. When I was up at her house by myself.


1 comment:

  1. Ouch! Paper cuts hurt but thankfully they heal quickly.

    Sophia and Owen are both adorable. I love seeing pictures of them.

    I'm glad your Dad doesn't feel your car will die on you.

    Good thing you keep busy with your friendship books. It's a nice way to pass the time.

    Have a great week. Hugs.