Sunday, June 16, 2013

My week 6/9 to 6/15

Sunday-I'm getting over the 2 drinks. I had last night. I catch up in my Journal. I took an 2 hour nap Today . I feel better after the nap.
Monday-I received 2 envelopes full of Friendship book. I did laundry for the week. I wash clothes Tonight, so hang it up in the trailer Tonight. So I didn't use my dryer but for my underwear.

Tuesday-I got 2 pen pal letters Today. I found out that Christy & Carol lie to me on Saturday. I haven't trust Carol for 20 years now I will never trust Christy what she tell me. I thought Christy and I was in a great place after the lie. We will never be in a great place again.
Wednesday-I e-mail Christy To tell her that she have no right to tell me what I can do anymore, Because I been told since 1997 that Carol DON'T act like a person in town. One person thought was  Carol diasbled because Carol didn't look or act right.

Thursday-The lady who want the Fan. I put on Orange County for Sale facebook page. Come at 4:30PM. My boss ask who lie to me. I told her the trust it was Christy and Carol. I ask her to do something for me.

Friday-I got my paycheckat 9AM. Because the 2 bosses wasn't there Today. They got the checks done Yesterday. Michael call to see if I want to go to the houseboat that my parents rent for the weekend. Tonight I didn't.

Saturday-I went to my parents to feed the cat that stay around the house. Water was coming out under my car. I TXT Stori to tell my dad about the water. Because last time water was coming out of my car it dead. I pack Friendship books for the Post Office on Monday.


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  1. You've been a busy girl again this week. So sorry things aren't going so well in your family.

    I don't remember you saying anything about the cat that is hanging around your place. It's like having a pet without having one!

    Have a good week and I hope your car is okay.