Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My week 7/21 to 7/27

Sunday-I try to clean the trailer. I and Stori talk about getting a floor lamp with a table. 

Monday-I have pass 2 notes for order out we are ordering at Superburger. I will have to put another person on the list. 

Tuesday-Stori order my floor lamp with a table. It will be here Aug 1-6. I will pay Stori $68.00 for the floor lamp. 

Wednesday-My heal feel little better. But I will get the refill of pills. 

Thursday-I went over to the workshop to pass out notes for order out day.

Friday-The lady who help me wasn't there Today. The prices went up at Superburger and we didn't know it.

Saturday-I pack 5 Brown envelope full of Friendship books. I hang my laundry outside Today. 



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  1. You've had a busy week this week. I wish I had accomplished as much as you did!