Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My week 7/7 to 7/13

Sunday-I went in the pool at 1:30and it was cold. Carol and Mike went in the pool around 4PM.

Monday-I let Toby stay out side when I went to work. I will get my mail Tomorrow. I went in the pool at 5PM and it wasn't cold.

Tuesday-I check my mail got more Friendship books. I went in the pool at 5PM. I pm Stori to see if they was coming home on Sunday.

Wednesday-Stori PM me back. They will fly back home on Saturday. They will land in Louisville, KY at 2:30PM. It storm for about 20 mins, I fell to sleep. When I wake up the old hot tub cover was off. Owen play car was on the pool cover.

Thursday-After work I wash my laundry and start packing my clothes to take back to my trailer. I didn't get sick this time.

Friday-I took my stuff back to my trailer that I didn't need Tonight and Tomorrow. I went in the pool for the last time on my house sitting time. 

Saturday-I start packing my car. I wash Stori bed sheets. I come home at 2:45PM. I start packing 12 brown 6x9 envelopes with Friendship books. 

Deborah Brand


  1. Thanks for posting Deborah, You are catching up well.


  2. Now I'm working to get caught up reading your blogs. I'm going crazy trying to catch up with a week's email!!!!