Sunday, September 29, 2013

My week 9/22 to 9/28

Sunday-I learn I can do my Weekly blog faster in the afternoon. Because I don't have to think about what I have to do after I get done with my weekly bog. 
Monday-I couldn't mail any friendship book again Today. My co-worker got out of the Hospital. I TXT her after I got home from work. The lady I work for on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. send me a message on Facebook to tell me to go in at 6:30AM Tomorrow. I paid my gas and electric bills.
Tuesday-I got done working at 11:30AM. I received  friendship books. I will be able to mail some out next Monday. I TXT my Co-worker she went in to work but going home at noon. 
Wednesday-My Co-worker went to work and stayed all day. I learn that I will lose money on the next pay week. Because a lady did the load of rags I was going to do next Friday. I went to the Bank. 
Thursday-I got done working at 9:30AM. I received Friendship book. It Fall and I had shorts on all week. I hope someone too the pizza orders.


 Friday-It Shaun Cassidy 55 Birthday. I took the money for the pizza's. So we may take the order on Thursdays for pizza's When we order pizza's next time. 
 Saturday-I did my weekly laundry and hang it outside. I pack 10 brown envelopes full of friendship books for Monday.. I put a white envelope in my out going mail box for my friend Sue. 

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