Sunday, October 6, 2013

My week 9/29 to 10/5

Sunday-The high was 64 Today. I put a envelope with a $500.00 check in my mail box Yesterday. For my friend Sue so she can take it with her to National Inclusion Project Gala on Oct 11-12.
Monday-After work I went to the Post Office. I found out the mail truck was late coming to Paoli this Morning. I hope the envelope to Sue leave Paoli Today.
Tuesday-I had my boss order Girl Life Magazine for me from hers Gril Scout Troop. The Magazine is for Livia. I have $200.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $86.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar. 
Wednesday-I got 2 white envelopes full of Friendship books. Sue haven't received my check yet
Thursday- Sue received my $500.00 check for Clay Aiken National Inclusion Project Gala on Oct 11-12 in Charlotte, NC. Christy call they her, Tom, Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia coming down Tomorrow. 
Friday-After work I went to Wal-Mart to get Sophia Halloween gift. I got my IU Basketball team calendar. Sophia LOVE seeing the Buffalo at Carol's. 
 Saturday-I had Tom & Christy pick me up. We had lunch at Carol's. We try to get to Livia's High School thing everyone miss it but Jamey, Stori, Carol, Mike and my parents. My parents, Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia and I had dinner at French Lick Winery


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  1. Sophia is a little darling. My how fast she has grown!

    Your donation will send two kids to camp. How generous of you. Maybe one day you will get to the Gala yourself.

    Take care,