Thursday, October 17, 2013

A poetry about my friend who pass away on Sunday. But I didn't wrote it

(In Memory of Sandy Asbell)

Let me take a moment
To tell you about Sandy Asbell
For in my whole life
There are fwe I like as well

She was there when I wanted
One that I could talk to
About all sorts of things
We must have talked many hours through

She was there when I needed
A shoulder to lean on
All I had to do was to ask
She would not let me be alone

As far I am concerned
Many problems were solved
We were as close two could be
And not be romantically involved

We sat at the same table
And would share our meal
There were even the time
A secret we might reveal

She would read my poetry
She would act in my plays
Even though she might be gone
My memory of her stays

We would buy each other presents
Now and then small gift
Christmas, Birthdays and other times
It would give us both a lift

I would take her picture
When she stood by the Christmas tree
And down through the years
A lot of them I still can see

The flowers she would water
She would sweep and mop the floor
She would work the snack bar
And she did so much more

If I could write a novel
There are a lot more things
I could tell
I think you can see the type she was
Yes my dear dear friend Sandy Asbell

There is one more I have to include
I've got to add one more line
For how could I ever forget
Her birthday was the day after mine

This poetry is not wrote by me



  1. What a lovely tribute to Sandy. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

    1. Beautifully written. Your friend Sandy was loved. God bless and may she rest in peace.

  2. Deborah, Although you didn't write the poem I think it says how much your friend meant to you and you to her. I send my sympathy to you and Sandy's family