Sunday, October 20, 2013

My week 10/13 to 10/19

Sunday-Sue Told me others put money with my $500.00 last night at National Inclusion Project Gala. So we send about 200 kids to camp. I pack 4 brown envelopes full of Friendship books. I put 2 pen pal letter in the mail box.
Monday-When I got to the workshop. Things was not right. A lady from the front Office got me in the hall way. She  told me she need to talk to me. She took me in the staff break room to tell me that my co-worker/friend Sandy Asbell pass away. Yesterday from a heart attack.
Tuesday-Mary TXT me. To tell me that Sandy friends could see her at 5-8PM Tomorrow at T.L. Pinnick Mortuary French Lick, Indiana. The service is at 10AM on Thursday. Burial at Spring Hill Cemetery in Shoals, Indiana.
Wednesday-I got a poetry about Sandy from another friend who use to be in the workshop. I got Sandy Obituaries too. It feel funny not having Sandy at the workshop anymore. 
Thursday-Sandy Funeral was Today. I blog the poetry at my weekly blog about her Tonight. Dad went to Jasper, Indiana to get my walk-in-shower. But it was the wrong walk-in-shower. The TV cable was cutting out. 
Friday-I don't think I will stay for break on Fridays at the workshop but on order out day. Mom call Christopher will be down here around 4 or 5 Tomorrow. He will go home on Monday. 
Saturday-My parents, Carol, Mike, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Christopher and I to Crazyhorse in French Lick, Indiana. Then My parents, Carol, Mike, Christopher and I went to the Gamble boat.


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  1. Deborah, you had a sad week. Losing a friend is very hard to take.

    As the brave lady that you are, you kept on going. Great about the Project ....200 kids to camp.......wonderful.

    Take care and hugs,