Sunday, October 27, 2013

My week 10/20 to 10/26

Sunday-I went out to Carol's at 1:34PM. Mike Mom Helen was there. We ate right at 2PM. Because Michael and Trisanna went the Indianapolis Colts game at 8:30PM.
Monday-My parents, Carol. Mike, Stori, Chad , Ian and I took Christopher out for lunch at the French Lick golf course, before he went home. I TXT Christopher around 5 PM to see if he got home ok. 
Tuesday-I had 6 loads of laundry. I went to pay my gas and Electric bill. The Utility building have a new front door.
Wednesday-I only had 2 loads of laundry. After work I went to Wal-Mart with coupons for the month. 
Thursday-I went to the workshop to pass out day notes. I did my laundry tonight. I hang everything in my trailer. I cry over Sandy Tonight. Because Tomorrow order out day. 

Friday-It was crazy at the workshop Today. I took my lunch home.Dad come to tell me. The guy will start working on my shower on Monday. I got 10 pen pal letters done Tonight. 
Saturday-I put my laundry away Today. I pack 2 brown Envelopes full of friendship books to mail on Monday. I got The American Girl magazine pack for Sophia too.




  1. Deborah, I couldn't keep up with you in a week! Sorry you are still hurting over the loss of your friend Sandy but friends are very hard to lose. It's nice that you'll be getting your shower on Monday. Have a good week and take care, Hugs, Carole