Sunday, November 10, 2013

My week 11/3 to 11/9

Sunday-It's Jamey's 40th Birthday Ha Ha.The Pride of Paoli marching band got 3th place in the State High School Band Contest yesterday. I fix all the kids photo albums last night. I wash my bed sheets from my bed and put other sheets on my bed. I put a picture of my walk-in-shower on Facebook and TXT Christy and Tom the picture too.
Monday-I was thinking as I was making my bed this morning. I had my car for 2 years Yesterday. I received 2 Yellow envelopes and 2 pen pal letters. Stori couldn't come with the kids because of the kids schedule. They will come on Wednesday for they Halloween candy. 
Tuesday-I didn't received any Friendship books or pen pal. I need to mow my grass on Saturday. I will use my 18" mulching mower.
Wednesday-The workshop staff clean out Sandy's locker Today. I took Sandy's word search books. So It real that Sandy had pass away. Sandy sister went to the workshop last Friday with Sandy diabetes stuff for anyone to use. The 5 kiddo came for they Halloween candy. There bookmarker in Sandy word search books. 
Thursday-Dad come to fix my steps  air up my tired for me. I received a note from a mom to tell me her daughter a pen pal of my has pass away. Received a envelope full of Friendship books. I received a note card with 2 friendship books in it. I forgot to turn off my computer before I went to work. I had to change my password for my Yahoo E-mail . I have a Christmas gift done. I have 4 more to go if Sophia don't come down. I got 3 load of laundry done in 2 hours and half, everything is hanging up in the trailer.
Friday-Parker don't what to help me with the leafs. I received a letter from Orange County Asserror. They need a copy of my mobile home title which will show the VIN number for they records. I put half my launday away Tonight.
Saturday-I couldn't sleep so I got up at 4:30AM. at 9:43AM I start mulching my grass and leaf. I couldn't update my facebook app. The trouble was Facebook, but now I don't have a picture of the facebook app in the app store. Carol, Stori and Livia outside. I'm thinking about getting cordless leaf blower.


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  1. Busy, busy, busy as always. That is so sad about your friend Sandy. I lost a co-worker once and it was very hard. I kept expecting to see him every day but it finally sank in that he wouldn't be back. After 10+ years, it really hurt.

    I guess we should be giving our làwn the last cut of the season before it snows.

    Have a good week, hugs, Carole