Sunday, November 17, 2013

My week 11/10 to 16

Sunday-I full 7 brown Envelopes with Friendship books. I put a pen pal letter in 2 of the brown envelopes. I wrote 2 other pen pal letters and put them in business envelopes. Mom call to see when the guy start working on the shower and got done. Livia come with the stuff I order from the High School Band. Trinkets Peanut Butter Bears and Magazine Voucher. The magazine: People Stylewatch I order from Voucher.
Monday-It Carol's Birthday 55th I will not be able to do the 7 loads Tomorrow. Last Wednesday I saw there was a bookmarker in one of Sandy word search book. I look at the bookmarker Today. The picture is a Kitten hanging the saying is : "I'll hang on 'tll you get back". 
Tuesday-I got a copy of my trailer Title for the Assessor. I put it it in the mail box Today. I got 2 white envelope full of Friendship books. I mail the 7 brown envelopes, it cost me $10.73. Christopher TXT me to Thank me for his Brithday card and Money. Dad paint the new wall in the bathroom. 
Wednesday-Today is Parker 12th Birthday. It's been a month since Sandy pass away. I had to wear my winter coat Today Jamey and Stori went to the Orlando Magic game tonight they got great pictures. 

Thursday-I had to wear my winter coat again. I got a new shower liner and shower hooks. I received a check from E-bates. Sunday will be in the 70's. I did my laundry for the week tonight.
Friday-We are not ordering out in December. Because the last Friday is the same week. as Christmas and we have 2 days off. They are talking about bad storms on Sunday starting after 2PM. Paoli High School Rams Football team are Regional Champs Tonight.
Saturday-I clean the shower for the first time since it was in. I got a address ready for Germany for the mail on Monday. REO Speedwogan will be at French Lick, IN on April 12. 



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  1. Once again I lost my post. I see you've kept yourself busy this week. I've been missing from the OFC because I got booted and they are trying to figure out how to get me back in so it doesn't keep happening. They are working on it and I'm getting irritated. Hope to see you on there soon. Say Hi to everyone for me. hugs, Carole