Sunday, March 2, 2014

The week 2/2 to 2/8

Sunday-It Super bowel and Groundhog Day. I wonder if Christy got home Today ok. To late to TXT her.

Monday-I TXT Christy around 5PM to see if she got home ok from Florida 45 days until SPRING.

Tuesday-44 days until Spring. We had a Ice and snow storm.

Wednesday-43 day until Spring. I stay home because we got the storm. Michael shavel my sidewalk and around my car. 

Thursday-42 days until Spring. I got hang up as I was driving out of the trailer park and it took me 4 more mins after I got hang up. 

Friday-The workshop wasn't open Today. Because of the cold and Ice. 

Saturday-Carol pick me up at 1:45PM for Trisanna Baby Shower. I was feeling Great until Carol put me down for wrting 30 down. I post what I got Trisanna. Michael Thank me on Facebook. Then he post the 2 names they will use if it a girl or a boy. 


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