Sunday, March 2, 2014

The week 2/9 to 2/15

Sunday-39 days until Spring.

Monday-I inbox Lyndsay to tell her I was send 2 Valentine cards on Wednesday and a box on Friday.

Tuesday-It hit me at 5:30AM I haven't paid my master card yet. So I got online before work. After work I call they don't understand why I didn't received a bill for my master card. I told Capital One on Twitter.

Wednesday-CapitalOne Twitter me about what will happen in the Spring. I send the 2 Valentine cards to Sophia & Harper.

Thursday-I received a valentine and with $5.00 from Christy & Tom. I TXT Christy to Thank her. Christy TXT me back she on the plane to go to Fllorida for 4 days. Trisanna inbox me to tell me how much my checks from my Taxes. 

Friday-It's Valentine Day   34 days until Spring. I send the box to Sophia and Harper.

Saturday-33 days until Spring.


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