Saturday, August 30, 2014

My week 8/23 to 8/29

SaturdayI put half of my laundry away. I pack 4 brown envelopes with Friendship books. I was able to watch the Indianapolis Colts football game

Sunday-I got my banking stuff together. I wrote a check out for my rent, then I wrote a check out for National Inclusion Project. I'm send the check for National Inclusion Project to my friend Sue in Portland.Sue will take the check to the National Inclusion Project gala in Raleigh, NC.Micheal put 2 pictures on Facebook again.

Monday-Went to the bank, Post Office. Then paid 2 town bills after work. I received the Tried & True CD sign by Clay Aiken. I received friendship books from a lady from Orlando FL.
Tuesday-No one had Verizon service from 3:26AM to 10:50AM Because Seymor, Indiana Verizon service went down, so Paoli went down too. Stori told me Jamey parents was moving to the basement apt this weekend, but they other kids can't come to help. So they will wait.

Wednesday-The Duvet came it wasn't what I thought it going to be. I received friendship books from a lady from Phoenix, AZ.

Thursday-The Company the duvet come from call about they sent another one. I told the guy I didn't want it. So the 2nd Duvet came Today. Sue received my $250.00 check for The National Inclusion Project  gala. 


Friday-After work I went to the Post Office. To pick up 2 Medium boxes. Came home pack the 2 Duvets. Then drove back to the Post Office to mail the 2 boxes. Then at 11:15AM went to Shakeburger to get my lunch


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I love the message on your CD. You must have been thrilled to receive it.

    I wish I had someone who would put my laundry away. I have to clean out my whole closet so I can get the stuff in. You know you start with it neat and then everything gets tossed in so now there isn't any room for my stuff. I must get organized. You keep yourself so well organized. I wish I had that talent. I was great at work but at home, not so much.

    Cute pictures of Michael and Lyzah. I particularly love the second one. Did Trisanna do a bit of hairdressing before it was taken? LOL

    It's hard when you order things. In the catalogue or online they look to be exactly what you want. Unfortunately, we are often disappointed by what we receive.

    Good for you for sending a cheque for Sue to take to the Gala. I'd love to go but it just isn't in the cards for me this year.

    Take care and have a great week

    Love 'n' hugs, Carole