Saturday, August 23, 2014

My week 8/16 to 8/22

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I had $9.35 in Coupons. I pack 2 brown envelopes with Friendship books. I didn't get any Friendship books in the mail Today. I renew at Barry Manilow Fan Club. It rain Today after 7PM. I was going to use Clay Aiken old house as my avatar at Clayversity, but chicken out.
Sunday-I forgot to call my friend Tracy Ann King in Fl Today. It rain all day off & on. Michael took 2 selfie with Lyzah. Both had Trisanna in them. The first one Lyzah was playing with Trisanna nose.

Monday-I have a Right Brake light out. I try calling Dad. He and Mom went to Bloomington. Indana . I'm thinking about sending Sue $250.00 next week for the National Inclusion Project Gala. Tonight been 9 years since the first time I saw Clay Aiken in concert.

Tuesday-Yesterday I received Barry Manilow 5 DVD Box set. A lady send me a Post Office box full of friendship books. Another lady send me a brown envelope. I had a brake light bulb in my car. So I didn't have to go and get one. I forgot to turn my TV sleeper last night. The TV was on all night.

Wednesday-I received my order from From Bath and Body Work. I didn't received any friendship books. My TV cable went out at 3:19PM. It came back on at 3:46PM, but they turn it off every sec and on for an hour.
Thursday-Lyzah is 5 month old Today. I received friendship books from a lady from Eatonton, CA and a lady from Charlotte, NC. At Huck Today No one could use they credit card at the gas pump outside everyone had to pay in cash inside. 
Friday-The place I work at on Fridays wasn't open at 8:30AM. Because they water back up Yesterday. But a lady call my Iphone at 10:13AM to tell me they was open. But I was outside hanging my laundry out. I saw the vice mail at 12:15PM. So went to work. 


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Another week has flown by and I can see you were busy as usual. Those friendship books must really make some of the recipients feel good. :)

    Your great niece Lyzah is a real sweetie and they are great pics of Trisanna and Michael too.

    Loved seeing those old pics of the Jukebox Tour. It seems like it was so long ago.

    I can't see any problem with using that pic as an avi on any board because it is no longer Clay's house.

    Take care, have a good week and lots of hugs,