Saturday, September 13, 2014

My week 9/6 to 9/12

Saturday-Captialone Web site was down all day. I didn't get any Friendship books Today. I turn on my Furnace to see if it working. Because I couldn't see the green light on.
Sunday-My Aunt Alice pass away a year ago Today. I pack on brown envepoe fill of Friendship books that going to Germany. Michael and Lyzah did they self pcture. She have her own Indianapolis Colt T-Shirt. But She didn't watch the game. She was asleep before the football started

 Monday--I had to fill a paper out for the pack friendship books going to Germany, it cost me $16.50. I received 2 brown envelopes. One was from Charlotte, NC. The 2nd envelope is from Sacramento, CA.
 Tuesday-I had all 6 load of laundry Today. My Friend Mary got a job at the French Lick Hotal. 3 days a week. No Friendship books Today

Wednesday-I received a white Business envelope with 5 friendship books from a lady from Ports Mouth, OH. I saw Ian on Channel 15 that is the town radio with  the school kids pictures.Ian was with Jamey parents in the lunch room, for Grandparents lunch week. The picture was from last week.

Thursday-I received a brown envelope full of friendship books from a lady from Louisville, KY I forgot what Today was and I feel bad.

Friday-I didn't received any friendship books Today. But I received my made in 1965 T-shirt. I'm sick my family walking in my home and if I'm not in my living room. They just walk in put down what they come with and turn around and walk out. If I did it I would be call a B---. I have to lock my door 24/7 now. Starting next weekend I will have soup for lunch.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Another week has quickly flown by. Sounds like you got a lot of mail this week. We did too but it was mostly junk mail. Hubby shoves the junk mail back in the mailbox. He figures he shouldn't have to carry it home. LOL

    Those pics of the Colts' fans are sweet. That pretty young lady is getting quite big.

    I love your new T-shirt. Yes, that was a vintage year. :)

    Take care and have a good week,

    Hugs, Carole