Saturday, October 25, 2014

M y week 10/18 to 10/ 24

Saturday-My trailer is a mess. I made it more of a mess. I pack 4 9 X 12 brown envelopes with friendship books. I got my Electric bill Today

 Sunday-I put part of my laundry away Today. Michael didn't do a selfie or a video with Lyzah Today on Facebook.

Monday-Sophia & Harper received the cookies & Brownies Today. I mail Lyzah a Halloween card Today.
  Tuesday-When I got home from work. I had a new deck on the back door, and new steps on the front door . The ramp is half done. Stori babysit Lyzah Today. So I went out to Stori for an hour. Lyzah is 7 month old Today.

Wednesday-No one work on the ramp Today. I only received The Orange Countian paper Today. My Great Niece Harper Blake is 10 months old Today. Jerry Meadows pass away Tonight.
Thursday-No one work on my ramp Today.The Paoli news paper wrote how Jerry dead. I'm done Halloween candy shopping for the year.

Friday-Look like we are not ordering out in November too.  The wood class was here working on my ramp. It almost done.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I didn't copy my post and just lost it. Now I have to try to remember what I said! I don't usually sign out as yours is the only blog I respond to but I somehow got signed out and didn't notice.

    Those Halloween gift boxes for your great nieces and nephes are really cool!

    Your two great nieces are adorable. I shared your pic of you with Lyzah with myself so I now have that pic on my timeline. Really nice pic of both of you.

    We don't buy our Halloween candy until the last minute because we (mainly me) wind up eating too much of it and have to go and buy more. The year I think we will be a little smarter and buy lots for the kids and very little for ourselves!

    Your new deck is great. It will be nice for you to sit out there when it is nice without having to do stairs. That ramp is great and I am sure it will save you a lot of effort and will be much easier on you than the steps. Hopefully no winter falls for you this year.

    Must go now. Take care,