Saturday, November 1, 2014

My week 10.25 to 10/31

Saturday-I only had 2 ladys send me envelopes of friendship books. So I'm not mailing anyon Monday. 

Sunday-It been 5 years since Jamey & Stori went to Congo to get Chad & Ian . I put some of my laundry away. 

Monday-I Lyzah a American Girl Magazine to take home. I received my Barry Manilow 2015 Calendar. I received 2 envelopes with friendship books.
 Tuesday-I didn't received any mail Today. I change my State Farm Insurance card in my car Tonight. 
 Wednesday-I received Barry Manilow new CD "My Dream Duets". I play Barry new CD all day. 

Thursday-Carol will start trouble. I start buying Christmas gift Today. I have 8  more Christmas gift to go after Today. The Weather men said snow on Friday night.
 Friday-It Halloween. Paoli will have Halloween on Saturday. Because Paoli Police made Nov 1 for Halloween because of High School football game. I mail the other Barry Manilow 2015 Calendar to another Fanilow fan. I didn't take a nap Today.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I did a long comment on Saturday but lost it when I went to post it. I was so ticked off that I decided to do it the next day. Of course, I forgot but saw that you were on the OFC this evening and it jogged my memory.

    It's hard to believe that it's been five years since Stori and Jamey brought their two beautiful little boys back from the Congo. What lucky little guys!

    I'm glad you have Barry to enjoy. We've been on quite an adventure with Clay and I'm sorry to see it end. He should have won as he was definitely the best person for the job!

    I hope the snow takes its time coming as I certainly am not looking forward to it. Your new ramp should help you a great deal through the winter.

    I have to go down to the birds now so I'll see your next blog on the weekend.

    Take care,