Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Week 10/4 to 10/10

Saturday-I went to Huck at 7AM to pay my bill for the gas in my car. I pack 7 9x12 brown envelopes with friendship books. 2 fans of Clay Aiken pass away this last week. I got my banking stuff together for Monday. 

Sunday-Putting my laundry away. It was 34 when I got out of bed. I don't have my heater for my trailer on yet.

  Monday-I got to Stori's at 11:15AM. Mom call about everyone go out for dinner for my Birthday. It rain off and on all day.

Tuesday- I start working at 6:45AM. I got to Stori's at 11:15AM I went in the house by the front door. Because it rain hard. Look who was talking to me. 

  Wednesday-I made up my mind. I'm not going to donate to Bailey Baio Angel Foundation anymore. So I put all the dollar bills I had in they jar. in a with envelope for the month. I tape Lyzah talking to the TV. I order Barry Manilow Calendar. I received a Birthday from Cheisty with a Wal-Mart card.. Christy wrote this Hope your have "Barry Happy Birthday". May your "Clay"-oops I mean day be fun

Thursday-It my 49 Birthday. I meet Shawn the guy who lives with Stori & Jamey. We ate at El Compadre. I had 101 Birthday wishing on my Facebook page. Look who made it to my Birthday dinner.
 Friday-I received a Birthday gift from the Janitorial Staff. Where I work at on Fridays. Stori's change my outside light before they went  to Paoli High School football game

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    It sounds like you've had a busy week. Sorry I was a day late wishing you a Happy Birthday. I specifically saved the FB birthdays and didn't look at it until the next day. That's how my brain has been working lately .... always a day late. Old age? Nah! Forgetful? Yah! So once again a belated Happy Birthday to you. :)

    Love the message on Christie's card! So cute.

    I love that photo with you and Lyzah. She is getting cuter by the day.

    Nice that Lyzah could join in your birthday dinner.

    Have a great week.