Saturday, January 24, 2015

My week 1/17 to 1/23

Saturday-When I turn on my computer. It said the Window block from firefox.I had to click on access for me to use the Internet. Then I was writing my weekly blog. It wouldn't let me do anything. I had to turn off my computer 2 times and my Internet box. I start cleaning my bedroom, but didn't do that much cleaning, will do more in my bedroom later. 
 Sunday-I clean out the box under the bathroom sink. I learn how I can received Clay Aiken tweets on my Iphone without getting on twitter. I put 1 1/3 cup of Fat Free Mild Cheddar cheese on top of hot cook spaghetti then put 6 cheese spaghetti sauce on top of the cheese.
 Monday-Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My Iphone went crazy when I was at work. I turn my phone off & on. My apps on my Iphone start working again. I can't call with my Iphone. I try 3 time before it will call out. I found Yesterday. I was low on 9x 12 brown envelopes. So I went to Paoli Office Support and got a box of 100 brown 9x12 envelopes.
 Tuesday-I received 3 pen pal letters from oversea. It took my Iphone until 6:30PM last night to call out, without trying 3 times. I did received Clay Aiken tweet on my Iphone. 
Wednesday-Lyzah is 10 months old Today.. I was home for the day at 11:50AM. I got my new purse from QVC Today.
Thursday-I got a new AC changer for my Iphone. So I have 3 changer now. One in the living room. One in my computer room. and one in my bedroom. I receive mye new pink Pillows slams.

Friday-After work I went to the Post Office to get priority mail boxes. I got 3 of them. I got home and I could use 1 priority mail box for all 3 tins. I'm sending the tins to a claymate friend. I found out the pillow slams are King size. 

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