Saturday, January 31, 2015

My week 1/24 to 1/30

Saturday-I start cleaning my bedroom. I found my old Verizon pop-up cell phone. I text Stori a picture of the cell phone. She come back said they didn't know anyone who need it. But she will let Owen have it to play with it.

Sunday- Clay Aiken blog at the Fan Club. He moving to New York for 1 or 2 years. He shutting down the message board. But he will keep the blog. Knowing he will blog in the Fan Club again. Make me happy.
Monday-The guy who open the doors at the place I work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Broken his ankle. So I have to go in after 6AM. At 6:30PM my Yahoo Home Page,  Facebook & 90% web site I go to wouldn't come up   for me. at 11:30PM Yahoo Home Page start loading up for me. At the Post Office. I got Glosbal stamps for my oversea pen pal letters.
Tuesday-I done working at 10:30AM. I went and paid my Gas &   Electric bills for my trailer. I didn't get my mail Today to cold. I found out the Channel 48 CNN wasn't  that good. There was was sound but NO picture. So I call NewWave.
   Wednesday-Satursday I order what I need from Schwan. Because 2 weeks ago he didn't show up. I ask him Today. He told me he took the day off. The other guy didn't show up 2 weeks ago. 
   Thursday-Matthew is 30 Today. All my niece & nephews are in they 30's now. My boss told me if it is bad Monday Morning stay home. Because we could get 6" of snow. At 1:30PM  I text Stori to see if she didn't  babysit Lyzah.. Stori text back & said she forgot to tell me. She just put Lyzah down for a nap.    Stori will Babysit Tomorrow.

Friday-Today was order out day. After we got all the orders. I siton the floor in a staff office. So I stay out of the way. I wrote  pen pal letters as I was waiting to get the order. We had about 35 orders.


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