Saturday, June 6, 2015

My week 5/30 to 6/5

Saturday-It Graduation Day at Paoli High School. Livia is a Sophomore, Parker is a Eighth grader, Chad is a Second grader and Ian is a First grader. Stori Birthday is Today. But She went to a friend Birthday party on her own  Birthday out of town.
Sunday-Christy and I text about getting Together on June 12. Christy Birthday was June 3. So I will take her out her for lunch.

Monday-I mail 3 9x12 envelopes full of Friendship books. It rain and cold all day. It feel like Fall. 
 Tuesday-I went to work like it would be 80. When I walk to my car after work it was cold. I went to Wal-Mart like it was a Fall day that how cold it was. I received 1 white envelope with Friendship books. Michael & Trisanna been married 3 years. 
 Wednesday-It a cold day. It Christy Birthday. Matthew & Lyndsay been married for 4 years Clay Aiken use Periscope but I couldn't get on it. 

 Thursday-I saw my neighbor mow right up to my ramp.. So I don't have to mow that much by my ramp. A lady want 2 Merry Christmas With Love, 1 A Thousand Different Way, 1 Tried & True and 1 On My Way Here Clay Aiken CD's. So I reorder the same CD's so I don't run out.
Friday-My friend & I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Mary told my parents at Wal-Mart that we was going to Pizza Hut. So they was there. We didn't eat with them. But they pay. About 4 hours later it hit me. We forgot to leave a tip. That way I didn't want my parents to pay. My neighbor move up the road in a house.
 Until next weekend

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Wish Stori a belated happy birthday for me please. :)

    That was nice of your neighbour to mow part of your lawn for you.

    The weather here has been crazy too. We joined a lot of the neighbours in a garage/yard sale yesterday and when I went out around 9:00 (hubby and son were out at 6:00) it was cold so I put a sweatshirt on. It got warmer and warmer as the day went on and I wound up getting my face burned. I did put my sunglasses on when the sun got bright but I guess I should have had them on all the time I was out. My face isn't bothering me much but my eye lids are stinging. Not a smart thing to do after have eye surgery either.

    Hope you have a great week. The way I feel right now is that I may just sleep a good part of it! LOL