Saturday, June 20, 2015

My week 6/6 to 6/12

Saturday-I don't have any friendship book to mail on Monday. I received Marry Christmas With Love and A Thousand Different Ways CD's by Clay Aiken. I should received 2 more CD's on Monday.

Sunday-Trisanna Grandma pass away. Jamey and Stori been married for 18 years. Christy email me about going out to eat. 

Monday-It Dad 87 Birthday. My sound on my TV went out. I got the first 20 channel sound working. A cable guy will be here on next Monday.

Tuesday-At 12:15pm I went out to Stori's to see Lyzah. Stori was cooking like crazy for Trisanna family. Lyzah is walking everywhere.

Wednesday-I did have 2 load of laundry at the workshop. I'm sick of watching TV in my bedroom. Can't wait for Monday. 

Thursday- Carol text about having lunch at her house with Christy. I said no because I plan to take her out Tomorrow. Did my own laundry. 

Friday-I was able to get my paycheck at 9AM. Christy and I went to Wal-Mart to get me new light covers for my bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and computer room. Then we went to Superburger for lunch. Then we came back to my trailer. Christy and I clean my whole trailer for 2 hours. Trisanna Grandma funeral was Today. I didn't go to it.

Sorry no pictures trying to blog 2 weeks in one day.

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