Saturday, July 4, 2015

My week 6/27 to 7/3

Saturday-Sat at home. Christy never call after her class reunion. I got 7 brown 9x12 envelopes to pack of friendship books.
Sunday-Christy never let me say bye to Sophia. I bet Christy had Breakfast with our parents before Christy went home.

Monday-I only had to go to the bank and Post Office after work . I received 2 9x12 envelopes from 2 ladys in the mail. 
 Tuesday-I got done working at 10:15AM. I saw Lyzah at Wal-Mart with Carol. Around 6PM it hit me. I forgot food. for Thursday and Saturday. Will go to Wal-Mart on Thursday.
 Wednesday-I received 1 brown Envelope from a lady. A person got they head told off. Because 2 other persons think the person told me something.. The person DIDN'T tell me anything. I'm not lying this person didn't tell me anything. The Schwan's guy didn't came he will be here on 7/7. No one came to look at my A/C

Thursday-I'm going to do something no one saw  coming. My A/C is fix. It cost me $278.67 will pay Tomorrow. I got 10 pen pal letters done Tonight. 
 Friday-I was going to pay for my A/C . But Star wasn't open. So I went and got my car gas up. I wrote 7 pen pal letter for new pen pals.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Sorry I've been so long in taking a look at your blog this week. Just a bunch of things bugging me and I'm way way behind in my mail too.

    Good you have your a/c fixed as the weather seems to be getting pretty warm now. I was out for a while this afternoon but was happy to be back inside after not too long. I really don't like the heat and it really wasn't that bad today. LOL

    You're a busy lady with all your penpal letters and your friendship books. It is nice to keep in touch that way and meet new people.

    I haven't done much of anything the last while. In one way I'm glad to be rid of the OFC but in another way, I miss it a little bit.

    You take care and have a good week.