Saturday, July 18, 2015

My week 7/11 to 7/17

Saturday-I clean out my file cabinet. Because of my Verzion Iphone bills. I pack 5 brown envelopes with friendship books. The lady in the first trailer who pass away on June 23. Her family was cleaning out her trailer Today.
 Sunday-When I was in High School James Babcock was the Principal. He is a Uncle to one of Stori & Michael Cousin Josh Babcock on they dad side of the family. Mr. Babcock pass away this morning at 4:55AM. 
Monday-I mail 5 brown envelope I received a pen pal letter. I received a letter from a lady who want to pen pal. I received a brown envelope. I got the radio ready if the power go out. 
Tuesday-After work I drove over something that made my right back tire go fat.  So I went to Kemple's Quick Lube for new tire. I received 3 pen pal letters.
Wednesday-I only had 3 load of laundry. Mr. Babcock funeral was at the High School gym. Today at 11AM. But I didn't go. 
Thursday-My Engine light on in my car. Dad call Babcock Motor. But we can't get the car in until Tues. I'm looking for a car to borrow until my car is fix. 
Friday-I hang my shorts outside to dry at 6:30AM. I have Orange County Transit pick me up on Wed and Thurs. If Babcock motor don't give me a car to drive until my is fix. 
Until Next Weekend 

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Sorry to hear about your former principal. He looked like a very nice man.

    You've had bad luck with your car this week. It is so hard to manage without a car when you are used to just hopping in and go where you want. As I am way behind, I'm sure it is fixed by now.